Q & A 4 : Buy one red book bag vs. the whole set of 3 book bags from our Le Le reading system

1) 1000 Chinese characters are used to compose all the 300 story booklets of the Le Le Reading System.

Learning to recognize individual characters involves their pronunciation, form and meaning in different aspects.

First, many "same" characters change their meaning when combined with other characters or being applied in different contexts. Having the complete sets enables learners to familiarize themselves with all the varying uses of the same characters in different combinations and contexts. Therefore, the 300 vs 100/200 stories provides a wholesome understanding and application of characters even for complicated connotations.

Secondly, since our system is three-leveled, gradually increasing in the content length and complexity with each progression in level, thus reading the higher level stories elegantly reinforces majority of the characters introduced in the lower levels.

(2) Red bag introducing 500 characters vs. whole set introducing 1000 characters

Although there are many picture story books available in the market, most beginners who are equipped with several hundred characters are unable to read them on their own. These pictures story books are referred to as "bridge books" which serve as bridges to help children move from the picture story books to easy-to-read chapter books without illustrations. Our reading system enables children to learn 1000 characters. Apparently children who are equipped with 1000 characters vs. 500 characters are better prepared and experience less difficulty while transitioning to "bridge books". Furthermore , Le Le Reading system develops the beginners' reading skills and confidence in reading via 300 story booklets vs. 100 story booklets.