Q&A 2: What is Le Le Chinese Reading System? Why Le Le Chinese Reading System? For Whom?

Q1:What is Le Le Chinese Reading System?

  • 300 colorful picture story booklets in three colored bags for children:Our reading system is a three-level reading system which is progressive, from phrases to sentences and finally short stories, thus preparing children for more advanced reading step by step. 100 booklets are in a red bag, yellow bag and green bag respectively.
  • A total of 1000 of the most commonly used characters is selected to compose the 300 stories:These 1000 characters are gradually introduced, repeated and further applied in different contexts throughout the 300 stories. This helps children to learn a language in a more natural and effortless manner.
  • 300 age-appropriate picture story booklets for children:All the stories in our reading system are age appropriate and appealing to children.
  • They cover a broad range of topics children are familiar with.

Q2:Why Le Le Chinese Reading System?

All children are born with the talent to learn any language as long as they are given opportunities to listen to the relevant language, observe the forms of the written words, and grasp the meaning from the related illustrations. We believe in “literacy through literature” and encourage children to listen to age-appropriate picture storybooks repeatedly to develop their basic oral language and reading ability.

Our Audio pen

The Audio Pen is specially produced for our reading system. By using the audio pen children can touch either the character or the sound wave symbol to hear the character pronunciation or full page read aloud. This helps them to retain and shape correct pronunciation and intonation and allows them to learn Chinese independently at their own learning pace. Our system helps to develop their sense of achievement, confidence and interest in reading.

Q3:For Whom?

1.Children aged 4 to 8.

2.Parents with limited or no Chinese language knowledge are welcome to learn with their children.

3.Educators as a textbook for beginners or as supplementary reading materials.

4.Anyone interested in learning Chinese.