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*Use Le Le Pen to hear individual characters and the entire text!*

Simply designed, light, easy to use and carry
  • Le Le Audio Pen is aptly designed for children to use. Simply turn it on and you will hear a voice prompt informing you the pen is now turned on. Adjust the volume accordingly. The front top button is for instant replay. The front second button is for pause/continue.
  • Connect the earphone when necessary to block out background noise and avoid disturbing others.
  • A high capacity memory card is included to contain all the 300 booklets' content in Le Le Audio Pen


  • The new Le Le Audio Pen has 20-50% of full battery charge. It is recommended to fully charge the pen before use it. Turn off the pen before connecting the power source. When it is completely out of battery, a full recharge takes about 3 hours via wall charger (5V/1A) and 8 hours via PC using a USB cable. The pen can be used continuously for about 5 hours when fully charged.
  • When the Le Le Audio Pen is not in use, make sure it is turned off. When the pen is on but not in use for more than 3 minutes it will turn off automatically. In order to reactivate the pen, just turn it on and off once.