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 Translation - English

Parent and teachers, this translation is a guide for non-native parents and teachers to use. 
We do not recommend give the translation to the learner directly. 

Le Le Culture - Essential Chinese Reading System - translation

Le Le Culture - Intermediate Chinese Reading System - translation

Le Le Culture - Advanced Chinese Reading System - translation


Instructions - English & Chinese

Le Le Culture - Le Le Audio Pen - instructions


Word Lists- Traditional Chinese

Words list - Essential -Traditional (by topics)

Words list - Essential -Traditional 

Words list - Intermediate -Traditional

Words list - Advanced -Traditional

Words list - All 3 levels- Pinyin alphabetical order-Traditional 


 Word Lists- Simplified Chinese

Words list - Essential -Simplified (by topics)

Words list - Essential -Simplified

Words list - Intermediate -Simplified

Words list - Advanced -Simplified

Words list - All 3 levels- Pinyin alphabetical order-Simplified